Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Home. Again. TEDxSMU talk from April 2015 is up!

Thanks to all of you who came to Inside SMU to hear the most recent TEDxSMU talk on the WE ARE ALL HOMELESS project. You can watch it here!

In 2012 I spoke at TEDxSMU about my 20 year art project: WE ARE ALL HOMELESS. It was in that talk that I first mentioned wanting to travel across the US buying signs in cities along the way. In 2014, from July 1- July 31, I did just that. With a 3 person documentary film crew, 6 cameras, 2 rented Dodges, and not enough coffee, we traveled from Seattle to San Diego to New York. Stopping in 24 cities, we bought almost 300 signs, and interviewed roughly 150 of the people I bought signs from. Asking them about their stories and background, and asking them "What does home mean to you?" This project continues to feed my spirit and is helping me answer the question that I keep asking everyone else, "What is home?"