Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Video from IgniteDallas 2 (06/02/2010)


  1. My God, Willie, you are a force to be reckoned with. Gripping story with an awesome message.

    Thinking of you: I recently read that "Back on My Feet," a homeless org started in northeastern U.S., is slated for a new chapter in Dallas! When they commence, I hope they will make your donor/volunteerism opportunity list (at right)?

    As a new runner, I know the benefits of fitness firsthand... offering these thing (better health, stronger body, self esteem, self discipline, being part of a team, etc.) to homeless individuals along with emotional support & physical resources for job training, education & more... well, that's almost as awesome as what you are doing!

    "Almost," I say, as being a fellow artist, you still rate high for the creativity hook of what you're doing. Sure, running is great... but your creative art is just so darn fun! I'm still stunned at how you've combined art & the general public with such amazing impact.

    Keep up your fabulous work!!

  2. Oops, weblink correction: