Sunday, November 7, 2010


There was an overwhelming preference for Saturday, November 20 as the date of our next WE ARE ALL HOMELESS art gathering. This is the Saturday before Thanksgiving AND the final day of NATIONAL HUNGER AND HOMELESSNESS AWARENESS WEEK. Perfect timing!

Time will be 2 or 3pm that Saturday afternoon. Location will be disclosed to the participants ahead of time. (Dallas)

WHAT I NEED NOW: Is to know if you are IN, and if so, what you will be wearing. As I've mentioned, the theme for this event is THE HOMELESS VILLAGE PEOPLE, and I'm hoping that people will show up in a wide variety of outfits.

For example: doctor, business person, construction worker, football player, basketball player, soccer player, baseball player, nurse, teacher, yoga instructor, dancer, lounge singer, person in tux or evening gown, person wearing clothes based on their nationality or religion, priest, nun, rabbi, clown, actor, artist, painter, carpenter, hairdresser, student, skateboarder, boat captain, chef, waitperson, maitre ‘d, pirate, musician (with any instrument or microphone), policeperson, military person (army/navy/air force/marine/reserves), maintenance person, janitorial staff, housekeeper, nanny, vampire, Jesus, Gandhi, historical figure, etc. The point is to represent many different segments of people to reinforce the theme: WE ARE ALL HOMELESS.

People can also just wear street clothes or our black t-shirts that say “we are all homeless”. It's all good! (And if you don't have your t-shirt from the last event, let me know!).

If you need some time to think about a costume, that is OK too! But let me know if you are IN so I can plan accordingly and make sure you are in the loop with future announcements. :-)

I will supply the homeless signs.

As always, thanks so much for your support and help. I think this will be the most interesting event yet! And tell your friends to join the facebook group!

Love and blessings,

In addition to the cards we normally hand out, we will also be handing these out (supplies are limited :-):

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