Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Me as a homeless person.

One of my students is doing an ad campaign for Goodwill for another class. He asked me about how he might get some people to pose as homeless people, and next thing I knew I had volunteered. Along with Sharon Fowl
. As always, there was learning for me, particularly when I went inside a store still dressed up with dirt on my face, and saw the reactions I got.

In any case, I like the direction of this campaign, and the message that the things that I take for granted could make a huge difference to a homeless person.


  1. I was homeless for months in 2009, moving from shelter to shelter. I remember the embarrassment some of the shelter volunteers put me through but I just had to bear it. The good thing is that they were not hard to find just a few clicks and I could locate them. I did a yahoo search , checked the directories --- and checked a couple of blogs --- The problem was always getting there on time, because there were so many people waiting in line.

    To this day when I drive pass shleters I once visited, I see some of the same people. Breaks my heart.

    1. Aww that's sad to see for a person like me cause i'm just a kid and when i grow up if i grow up if i can i want to help all the homeless around the world because it's sad to see someone like that's living on the streets with no one their to love and support them 😔 it upsets me 😥