Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Magic in Baltimore

Me and Elli and Michelle in Baltimore. Elli sold me her sign that she used a year ago while living on the streets. She also sold me her mother's sign, her cousin's sign and 2 more. She is 17, from Romania, speaks 5 languages and is trying to go to school. Michelle is an angel who is trying to help her (along with fellow angel Patty). And I met both of them because of another angel,Kara, who is a dear friend of mine in Baltimore. 

It was a magical and powerful time in Baltimore.

Followed by an interesting time in Atlantic City, where we saw NOT ONE sign.

Followed by a great day in Philly, where we bought 8 signs (so far) and did an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer. And had some good conversations on the streets. And met a bartender who teaches his 8th graders about homelessness by having them interview a homeless person. His name was Dan, he served us dinner on a restaurant on a boat, which is apparently the only 4 masted sailing vessel on the planet. And the food was good.

Today we leave for New York, our final stop. I'm sad and happy and grateful and tired. And the Dream Team seems like they might be tired too. It ain't over yet, and it's been indescribable. More to come!

All posts on social media today are sponsored by Indiegogo donor Bob Lilly Jr., my friend with a big ole heart!

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