Friday, December 9, 2016

It's Just Us | Willie Baronet | TEDxSMU

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  1. Touching. Informative. Inspirational. I am not one to donate regularly to street people. BUT, I do see them as those down on their luck. Their need/desperation triggers discomfort in me. I wonder if it is because the line between them and me isn't as clear as I would like it to be. And, as a single mom, broke, many years ago....I know how easy it could have been to just slip the other way. This video helps me to take my discomfort and use it, not to ignore those in need, but to share love. That they are worthy. I'd love to come up with a simple saying of my own. God loves you is a bit much for me....but I'll figure something out. Thanks Willie for your dedication and inspiration.