Thursday, June 1, 2017

SIGNS OF HUMANITY at the University of Montana

Spent a few days at Montana State University for a screening of the film and a workshop with students. Sometimes it’s hard to express how this project impacts people. One of the students posted this comment that does a good job of that - made my day.

My life was changed two nights ago, for a class I was asked to watch a film about homelessness. The director/artist/producer, Willie Baronet, flew all the way from Dallas to present it to us.  The film followed him around the country as the bought signs from the homeless, often being able to ask questions about how they became homeless and what home means to them. Seeing this changed my perspective on many things in my own life.  It forced me to appreciate the homeless so much more and their daily struggles.  It made me appreciate all the blessings I have through friends, family and my day to day life.  Finally his overall theme was We Are all Homeless and to me this means everyone needs help regardless of who they are and it is our job as individuals to do everything we can to help those around us and the less fortunate, and this means far more than just monetarily, this is emotionally, psychologically and every other aspect of life.  Please check out his website and watch his documentary. I was borderline in tears in a large presentation.

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